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SafeWalk Simulator

ISU COM S 409 Prototype Project

SafeWalk Simulator is a team academic project developed as a prototype for a software requirements engineering course.

This project simulates NASA's SAFER manuevering system, with a focus on a redesigned Crew Display and Control Module (CDCM), i.e. the hand control module and display unit.



  1. Make sure you have NodeJS installed.

How to Run:

  1. Clone this repository.
  2. Navigate to the root directory and run npm i to install dependencies.
  3. Run npm run dev to begin serving on port 8080 of your local host.

Play Around!

The controls are fairly intuitive:

  • Use the simulated trackball to control rotation.
  • Use the throttle adjuster to increase power output from thrusters.
  • Note that if the thruster level is greater than 0, you are always moving in the camera facing direction.

Returning to the home base model is a win condition.

Running out of oxygen is a lose condition.

Hit Return to Home to automate flight back!

Visit the Live Product

To view:


  • Scott Huffman
  • Stephen Davidson
  • Kevin Mathis
  • Christopher Bui
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