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Thank you for contributing to CanJS! If you need any help setting up a CanJS development environment and fixing CanJS bugs, please reach out to us on the canjs/canjs Gitter channel or email ( We will happily walk you through setting up your environment, creating a test, and submitting a pull request. Here is a video showing how to contribute to CanJS:

For more details we have the following more in-depth contribution guides:

  • [guides/contributing/bug-report Report a bug]
  • [guides/contributing/feature-suggestion Suggest a feature]
  • [guides/contributing/code Code changes]
  • [guides/contributing/documentation Documentation improvements]
  • Create a plugin
  • [guides/contributing/evangelism Evangelism - Blog, meetup and conference talks]
  • [guides/contributing/releases Releases - Maintaining CanJS]

3.0 Changes

In 3.0, nearly every module has its own repository. All code changes should go there. Issues can be submitted to canjs/canjs, but once we know the root of the issue, we will move it to a specific repository.