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This repository contains the community addons that can be enabled along with MicroK8s.

Directory structure

addons.yaml         Authoritative list of addons included in this repository. See format below.
        enable      Executable script that runs when enabling the addon
        disable     Executable script that runs when disabling the addon

addons.yaml format

  # A short description for the addons in this repository.
  description: Core addons of the MicroK8s project

  # Revision number. Increment when there are important changes.
  revision: 1

  # List of addons.
    - name: addon1
      description: My awesome addon

      # Addon version.
      version: "1.0.0"

      # Test to check that addon has been enabled. This may be:
      # - A path to a file. For example, "${SNAP_DATA}/var/lock/myaddon.enabled"
      # - A Kubernetes resource, in the form `resourceType/resourceName`, just
      #   as it would appear in the output of the `kubectl get all -A` command.
      #   For example, "deployment.apps/registry".
      # The addon is assumed to be enabled when the specified file or Kubernetes
      # resource exists.
      check_status: "deployment.apps/addon1"

      # List of architectures supported by this addon.
      # MicroK8s supports "amd64", "arm64" and "s390x".
        - amd64
        - arm64
        - s390x

    - name: addon2
      description: My second awesome addon, supported for amd64 only
      version: "1.0.0"
      check_status: "pod/addon2"
        - amd64

Adding new addons

See for instructions on how to develop custom MicroK8s addons.