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Capistrano integration with Mountain Lion's Notification Center
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Capistrano + Notification Center

capistrano-nc integrates Capistrano and OS X Notification Center.



for Capistrano 3.x

# Gemfile
gem 'capistrano-nc', '~> 0.1'
# Capfile
require 'capistrano-nc/nc'

for Capistrano 2.x

# Gemfile
gem "capistrano-nc", "0.0.2"
# config/deploy.rb
require "capistrano-nc"

By default it will run the nc:finished task after your deploy or deploy:migrations. If this behavior doesn't suit you, you can hook nc:finished to any custom task by editing deploy.rb:

after `your:task`, `nc:finished` is opened when the notification is clicked. To use an alternative terminal set :nc_terminal to the bundle identifier e.g. set :nc_terminal, 'com.googlecode.iterm2' for iTerm2.


Feel free to pull request!

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