a microframework for running and monitoring scheduled workers
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theman is a super simple "framework" that uses god/rufus-scheduler to create long running workers that do things at certain times.

Installing theman

theman is easy to get running, it doesn't have any other dependences other than god and rufus/scheduler.

   git clone git://github.com/jcapote/theman.git
   cd theman
   god -c boot.god -D

This will start all the workers that have _worker.rb appended to them in the workers directory.

Writing your own workers

A worker is nothing more than a ruby script that requires 'worker', subclasses Worker, and lives in the worker directory with _worker.rb in the name. This is an example worker:

   require 'worker'

   class ExampleWorker < Worker

     def start
       logger "starting task"

     every "5s", :start


It looks like a regular ruby class, except towards the bottom we have a line were we specify when and what to run. For all the possible commands take a look at workers/example_worker.rb

Note: make sure your when/what line is at the bottom of your class

Running workers manually (and regardless of time definition)

Sometimes it's useful to run a worker right now as opposed to when it's supposed to run, to do this just run the worker manually with the "now" argument:

   ruby -I lib/ workers/example_worker.rb now