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Banana is an HTTP <-> Telnet mud gateway that allows browsers to be used
to connect to Multi-User Dungeons. It is not dependent on WebSocket,
and supports browsers even 2 or 3 generations old. It uses long polling
combined with JQuery, and works on all modern and semi-modern browsers that
have been tested.

MU* support:

* Charset negotiation: ISO_8859-1, UTF-8 and more.

* ANSI colors (^[[30m) and xterm-256 colors (fore and back)

* NAWS - window width and height negotiation.

* Prompts, using telnet-GA or EOR

Server features:

* User accounts, open to connect to anywhere. Users can even be logged
  in to the same account from multiple browsers or computers and still
  be logged into the mud just once!

* Guest accounts, which are limited to one host:port, and may be used
  to create a "Try us out!" webpage that auto-connects to a mud as a guest.

* Multiple worlds: One user can connect to a number of worlds.

* Logging: All output from a world is logged by default, tied to the user
  or guest account, and may be viewed at any time.

* Users may write their own HTML/JS front-end that works with the banana
  back-end and provided API.

* HTML/JS front-ends can create their own files for use for configuration,

* HTTPS for secure mudding!


* Mud SSL connection.

* Generically useful Client API with browser-side features: Triggers,
  hooks, keybindings, etc. Built on top of jquery.

* Host-specific settings: So hosts can choose to block connections or
  force real IP identification.

Technical information:

* Banana is written in C.

* Banana's HTTP side is built on top of the Mongoose embedded HTTP server
  ( - Somewhat modified.

* Banana requires a POSIX environment with iconv installed for charset
  manipulation. Browser side is entirely UTF-8.


HTML Server-socket based API + HTML front ends for text muds and mushes.




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