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Exposes your current ACT FUP usage as prometheus metrics. Scrapes the data from the ACT Portal website by using puppeteer. This only supports ACT Fibernet in India.

Note: Broken since the portal got redesigned and now requires authentication.

  • Supports flexibytes
  • Reports aggregate metrics as well
  • Only tested for ACT Bangalore connections.



# HELP act_fup_live_usage_bytes ACT live usage in bytes (precision GB)
# TYPE act_fup_live_usage_bytes gauge
act_fup_live_usage_bytes 0

# HELP act_fup_live_total_bytes ACT live usage in bytes (precision GB)
# TYPE act_fup_live_total_bytes gauge
act_fup_live_total_bytes 800000000

# HELP act_fup_flexibytes_usage_bytes ACT flexibytes usage in bytes (precision GB)
# TYPE act_fup_flexibytes_usage_bytes gauge
act_fup_flexibytes_usage_bytes 102580000

# HELP act_fup_flexibytes_total_bytes ACT flexibytes usage in bytes (precision GB)
# TYPE act_fup_flexibytes_total_bytes gauge
act_fup_flexibytes_total_bytes 100000000

# HELP act_fup_aggregate_usage_bytes ACT aggregate usage in bytes (precision GB)
# TYPE act_fup_aggregate_usage_bytes gauge
act_fup_aggregate_usage_bytes 102580000

# HELP act_fup_aggregate_total_bytes ACT aggregate usage in bytes (precision GB)
# TYPE act_fup_aggregate_total_bytes gauge
act_fup_aggregate_total_bytes 900000000

Using as a npm package

Install it with npm i prometheus-act-exporter.

const act = require("prometheus-act-exporter");
let m = await act.getUsage();
// Returns
// {
//   live: { usedBytes: 0, totalBytes: 800000000 },
//   flexibytes: { usedBytes: 102580000, totalBytes: 100000000 },
//   aggregate: { usedBytes: 102580000, totalBytes: 900000000 }
// }
// calculations made assuming ACT is using SI GB (exactly 1 billion bytes)


You can pass the following environment variables:

  1. PROXY_SERVER: Use a proxy server to connect to ACT. Use a socks5 proxy, since ACT returns a 403 if you try to use a CONNECT proxy. export PROXY_SERVER="socks5://"
  2. CHROME_BIN: Set Chrome/Chromium executable path. Helpful if you have chromium already installed and don't want puppeteer to download it again. You can set PUPPETEER_SKIP_CHROMIUM_DOWNLOAD=1 before running npm install to disable puppeteer's chromium download.
  3. DISABLE_HEADLESS: If set, chrome will not launch in headless mode.



If running via Docker, here are some simple cookbook configurations:

docker run -it -p 3000:3000 -e captn3m0/prometheus-act-exporter

Run a simple test server locally in debug mode and test it on http://localhost:3000/metrics


# Change to the correct invocation
export CHROME_BIN=$(which chromium)
npm install
node server.js
curl localhost:3000/metrics


This is licensed under WTFPL. See COPYING file for the full text.