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In my project I used HTML/CSS and AngularJS on the front end with Ruby on Rails and PostgreSQL on my back end.

When approaching this project I wanted a chance to practice AngularJS further and knew it would be a good language for the way I wanted to display my data. I started by writing out user stories and drawing wireframes to decide what information I wanted to get and how I wanted to display it. From there I was able to confirm that the languages I was using were a good choice for my website. After planning what information I wanted to display I built out my wireframes and started installing the basic files I would need for Angular. Another reason I wanted to use Angular was I like how it keeps concerns separated. From there I moved back and forth between the front and back end, adding data and routes and testing as I went.

My project needs angular, angular-route, simpleStorage, jQuery and bootstrap. You can install each of these by typing bower install into the terminal. You can then link to the files in the bottom of the body in your HTML page.

User stories - Most of my website is based upon visitors and not users. Visitors do not have to create an account to see the timeline and show further details of specific events. I did create an admin user so that there I could have create, update and delete actions on my events but use simpleStorage so that you must be an admin to CRUD. User stories link -

Wireframes link -

Back end repository -


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