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Carbon Design System

An open-source design system built by IBM.


  1. carbon carbon Public

    A design system built by IBM

    JavaScript 7.5k 1.7k

  2. carbon-design-kit carbon-design-kit Public

    A versioned, comprehensive kit of the Carbon Design System visual assets (components, iconography, color palettes, grids, templates).

    1.1k 154

  3. carbon-charts carbon-charts Public

    📊 📈⠀Robust dataviz framework implemented using D3 & typescript

    TypeScript 856 177

  4. carbon-components-svelte carbon-components-svelte Public

    Svelte implementation of the Carbon Design System

    Svelte 2.6k 253

  5. carbon-for-ibm-dotcom carbon-for-ibm-dotcom Public

    Carbon for is based on the Carbon Design System for IBM

    TypeScript 228 148

  6. carbon-website carbon-website Public

    The website for the Carbon Design System.

    MDX 262 739


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