Place for me to play around with different JavaScript web-mapping libraries.
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Example repository for a project using Leaflet and Tabletop.js to display a web map that automatically pulls data from two simple Google Sheets tables (as well as preload from JSON files for speed and in case the Googlle API changes). Sidebar created using leaflet-sidebar-v2.

To get started, fork this repo and use the .CSV files in the data-sources folder as examples to create the Google Sheets data source.

The resultant map can be seen here:

I explained the process in more length in my blog post here: Leaflet maps with data from Google Sheets.

Folium and gspread

I also did another version (code in the folium-gspread folder) recreating this using only Python and the Folium library. This requires a server instance running to update the map, however. The output map is identical to the one created above. I explained this version in my other blog post: A workflow for Python mapping with automatic updating