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  1. Install pip
  2. Install Ansible and DebOps
  3. Creating your project
  4. Your next step


A note about Ansible:

Ansible manages servers in an "agentless" manner. That means that there's no need to install anything on your server before using it. It does everything from your computer.

For more details about Ansible and DebOps, click here.

This means there's nothing to install on your server. You don't need a server yet. Everything in this section takes place on your computer.

So what do you need to use "DebOps for WordPress"? You'll need to install Ansible and DebOps on your computer. You can only install these on MacOS X or Linux. Windows isn't supported by default.

There's a workaround to use "DebOps for WordPress" with Windows. You're going to need a virtual machine with Linux on it. You'll want to follow the installation steps on that machine instead of your Windows machine.

Install pip

The easiest way to install Ansible and DebOps is with pip. It's a tool used to install Python packages on your computer. You can install it using one of the commands below. If you're not sure if it's installed, you can install it again. Nothing will happen.

On MacOS:

$ sudo easy_install pip

On MacOS using homebrew:

$ brew install python@2

On Debian and Ubuntu:

$ sudo apt-get install python-pip python-dev git

On Fedora:

$ sudo yum install python-pip python-dev git

Install Ansible and DebOps

Ansible is the server configuration tool that'll configure your server for you. Meanwhile, DebOps extends Ansible to add new functionality to it. You can install both of them and their prerequisites using the commands below. Once it's installed, you'll want to update DebOps as well.

$ sudo pip install ansible debops passlib pycrypto future
$ sudo debops-update

Creating your project

The last step is to create a local copy of "DebOps for WordPress". This is where you'll make all the configuration changes to customize your WordPress server.

$ git clone
$ cd debops-wordpress/
$ git checkout tags/v0.5.1

You're now in the root of your project (in most cases ~/debops-wordpress/).

Your next step

So you've installed all the tools you need to use "DebOps for WordPress". You also created your project. It’s now time to configure and build your server.

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