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Custom Resource Name Plugin adds in your Ruby on Rails project the feature to create aliases for your named routes. This is extremely important for those who are developing software to a non-English public and wants all URLs in native language.
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Custom Resource Name 1.2

The Custom Resource Name Plugin lets you add aliases for your routes. This is very useful if you are developing a software to a country that does not speak English and wants all URLs in the native language.

To install the plugin is very simple. The plugin is on the GitHub. If you have Git installed, take the plugin using the command:

git clone git:// custom_resource_name

If you don’t use Git (should…) you can download the plugin and then copy the files into the folder vendor/plugins of your project.
To download:

To use it is simpler yet. Open the file routes.rb of your project and include the following lines BEFORE the routes that should be translated:

# translate resources
map.aliases :resources, :posts => ‘artigos‘, :comments => ‘comentarios‘

# translate singleton resources
map.aliases :resource, :comment => 'comentario'

# translate actions
map.aliases :actions, :new => ‘novo‘, :edit => ‘editar‘, :logout => ‘sair‘

# translate namespaces
map.aliases :namespaces, :admin => ‘administrativo‘

If you have any english route that should stay untouched, put it before the aliases definition.


You can add aliases for all its resources and actions.

New feature

Added one more feature to plugin. Imagine the following case:

ActionController::Routing::Routes.draw do |map|
  map.aliases :resources, :houses => 'casas'
  map.aliases :actions, :new => 'novo'

  map.resources :houses

See that all actions :new will be replaced by 'novo', but this does not fit properly in resource :casas, which would correct be 'nova' and not 'novo' (is just one example).

In this case we can use the option :actions_as in the resources, like this:

map.resources :houses, :actions_as => {:new => 'nova'}

Problem solved. In all other cases the action :new will be called 'novo', but only in the resource :casas it will be 'nova'.

In addition we also have the option :as those who do the same thing with the name of the resource.

More info:

If this plugin is interesting to you, be sure to recommend me on Working with Rails.

This plugin has been created by Carlos Brando, a developer of Surgeworks LLC.

Copyright (c) 2008 Carlos Brando, released under the MIT license
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