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Wrappers, drivers, tools and additional API's for using MultiSense S27, S30, KS21, SL, S7, S7S, S21, M, ST21, BCAM with ROS.

Installation, Documentation and Tutorials

See the following for documentation on on installing and using multisense_ros for specific camera types.

Please see the following link for detailed documentation on the LibMultiSense API wrapped by the ROS driver.

Driver Layout

The MultiSense ROS driver contains five ROS packages. The responsibility of each package is outlined below


This is the set of launch files and configuration files used to start the ROS driver, as well as configuration scripts and other configuration files.


This package provides software for evaluating the quality of the laser calibration stored in the MultiSense-SL non-volatile memory. Note this package only supports MultiSense SL units.


This package contains the robot description XML file and associated meshes that represent the sensor head, sensor placement and kinematic structure of a MultiSense S21 sensor.


This is the library that implements the wire protocol for communication with the MultiSense S21 sensor.


This package contains the actual ROS drivers for the MultiSense S21. Individual drivers are included for the Camera and IMU subsystems.

Develop and Contribute

See Contribute page.


To report an issue with this library or request a new feature, please use the GitHub issues system

For product support, please see the support section of our website Individual support requests can be created in our support portal