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=== Inclusive ===
Contributors: Poena
Requires at least: 5.4
Tested up to: 5.4
Requires PHP: 7.3
License: GNU General Public License v2 or later
License URI:
Copyright: 2020 Carolina Nymark

Inclusive is a theme with a white background and grey, peach and beige accent colors. It has full support for the block editor, several custom block styles, and three block patterns. It has two menus, two widget areas, and a distraction free template.

== Description ==
Inclusive is a fast, responsive and accessibility-ready theme with full support for the block editor.
With this theme, you can place blocks not only in your content but also in the footer and header.
The theme comes with eight custom block styles and several block patterns.
The block patterns are: Right or left sidebar, event list, split heading with two colors, a presentation pattern with two columns, and a cover block with a beautiful feminine flower background.
You can select them in the editor, or copy paste them into your content.
Inclusive has beautiful typography, purposefully large text size, and a font pairing option so that you don’t need to think about whether your fonts will match.
The theme’s base colors are white, dark grey and peach with a comfortable contrast between the text and background.
The theme has several options for colors and for showing and hiding post information such as date, tags, and categories.
For bloggers, the theme offers optional sections for social sharing, author biography, and related posts.
You can use a full width or boxed layout, and show your content in one or two columns.
You can show excerpts or the full content, and make use of full width and wide blocks.
Inclusive has a distraction free page template that is great for presenting long form content and blocks.
Accessibility features include: Accessible menus, forms and controls. Semantic HTML, sufficient contrast,
visible focus outlines, skip to content link, and aria roles.

== Installation ==
1. Unzip `` to the `/wp-content/themes/` directory
2. Activate the theme through the 'Appearance' menu in WordPress

== Requirements and limitations ==
The theme supports PHP version 7.3 as recommended by the WordPress community.
The theme supports WordPress version 5.4 and later.

When no menu is set as the primary menu, a list of pages will show instead.
The page list will only display parents, not child pages, when in desktop view.

Browser support
This theme supports all modern browsers but does not support Internet Explorer.
Some layout features are not supported by Opera Mini.

== Change log ==

Version 1.0.6
Updated padding in full width group blocks.
Adjusted font sizes so that the editor and front matches better.
Adjusted responsive font sizes for headings.
Removed one font size.

Version 1.0.5
Fixed a problem with the logo.

Version 1.0.4
Added support for BBPress with new forum templates and CSS.
Replaced an icon that had an incorrect license.
Updated the copyright date format with a translation function.
Updated language file.
Prefixed JavaScript functions.

Version 1.0.3
Updated logo settings.
You can now choose if you want to display your logo in the menu or the header or both.
Increased contrast for buttons.
Renamed the rounded corners custom style.
Updated language file.

Version 1.0.2
Fixed an issue with the query reset for the reusable blocks.
Added a prefix to the queries.
Slight increase of the clickable area for toggle buttons in the responsive menu. The buttons should now be atleast 44x44 pixels again.
Fixed the miniature logo link text in the menu.
Fixed CSS problems.
Added two new block patterns.
Updated register_pattern to register_block_pattern due to the name change in Gutenberg.
Added language file.
Updated H1 headings, and added a missing H2 heading in the comment area.
Added "Tested up to" to style.css
Added styles for the vertical variation of the navigation block.

Version 1.0.1
Updated PHP requirements.
Updated the menu search.
Removed unused CSS.
Placed the CSS for the ornamental separator styles in their own files.
Moved the CSS for the navigation block to their own file.
Code style changes to better match WordPress coding standards.
Updated block patterns.

Version 1.0.0

== Resources Used In This Theme ==

Customizer resuable block settings and Gridd, (C) Aristeidis Stathopoulos License: GNU General Public License v2.0 or later
Underscores, (C) 2012-2018 Automattic, Inc. License: GNU General Public License v2 or later
Twenty Nineteen (C) 2018, GNU General Public License v2 or later
Twenty Twenty (C) 2019, GNU General Public License v2 or later
Jetpack (C) Automattic, License: GNU General Public License v2 or later
Gutenberg: Gutenberg block styles and svg icons by the WordPress Community (, licensed under [GPL 2.0](
Dashicons: License: GNU General Public License v2 or later. (C)
Clipboard, Copyright Zeno Rocha,, License: MIT
Normalize, Copyright Nicolas Gallagher and Jonathan Neal. MIT License |

Sanitization (C) 2015-2020, WordPress Theme Review Team GNU General Public License, v2 (or newer)

All images are in the public domain:
Photos of the cherry blossoms were taken by the theme author.
The preview images were created using assets in the theme.
Ornament 1:
Ornament 2:
Flower drawing:

== Thank you ==
WPRig team who helped me learn how to create a theme that is more class based (I know, I know, it's not stricly OOP).
Ari, Kafleg and Denis for patiently answering questions and helping me improve the theme.


Inclusive is a fast, responsive and accessibility-ready WordPress theme with full support for the block editor.








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