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The Carpentries Incubator

Thank you for your interest in developing and sharing lesson materials! This GitHub organization serves as a resource for people to share and use each other’s Carpentries-style lessons. The materials provided in this GitHub organization have not been reviewed by and are not endorsed by The Carpentries.

Everyone participating in The Carpentries Incubator agrees to follow The Carpentries Code of Conduct.

For a listing of current lessons, check out the Community Lessons page.

Why The Carpentries Incubator?

There is excitement and interest in the way The Carpentries teach and deliver workshops. We are developing tools and templates for lessons that have proven to be effective to format and deliver both in workshop settings and in self-guided settings.

There is also a need from learners who have participated in our workshops to explore further topics that can only just be covered briefly in our 2-day trainings.

The goal of The Carpentries Incubator is to be a place for Carpentries community members to share resources in early stages of development. People already familiar with The Carpentries teaching practices can pick them up and teach them in meetups, in class, or in complement of a "standard" Carpentries 2-day workshop. The lessons can also be used by independent learners, outside of workshops.

Submitting a lesson or a lesson idea to this repository should be viewed as a first stage in making your lesson materials broadly available to The Carpentries community. Any lesson that uses The Carpentries lesson template, follows our Code of Conduct, and is licensed either CC-BY or CC-0 can be hosted in The Carpentries Incubator.

In the near future, we will also provide a friendly, community-supported, peer-review process for lessons. After the peer-review process, the lessons will be hosted in The Carpentries Lab and will be officially endorsed by The Carpentries as high-quality resources.

The Carpentries Incubator vs The Carpentries Lab

The Carpentries Incubator is for:

  • Collaborative lesson development
  • Providing visibility on lessons that are being worked on
  • Submit an idea for a lesson that you'd like the community to provide

The Carpentries Lab is for:

  • Repository of peer-reviewed, short-format, lessons that use the teaching approach and lesson design from the Carpentries
  • Getting peer-review on the content of the lesson in the way traditional journal peer-review wouldn’t be able to provide.

If you haven’t already been invited to submit your lesson materials to The Carpentries Lab, please submit to The Carpentries Incubator.

Why should you submit your lesson to The Carpentries Incubator?

  • You want to make your lesson materials available to others in The Carpentries community.
  • You are interested in getting contributions from other community members.

What are the requirements for being included in The Carpentries Incubator?

For all proposals:

  • Your lesson/proposed topic should be distinct from existing official and community developed lessons (in domain of expertise, tools and skills taught/used, target audience, etc). If this is not the case, we recommend you collaborate with the authors/maintainers of those existing materials. Please also refer to the list of open Issues on this repository: you might find someone else has already proposed a new lesson on the same topic - they could be your first collaborator!

For pre-existing lesson material to be transferred into The Carpentries Incubator:

If you have any questions about these requirements, please contact

We reserve the right to remove any lessons in the Incubator that do not conform to the requirements above.

What is the process for submitting a lesson or a lesson idea to The Carpentries Incubator?

Open an Issue in this repository. The Issue template has a short set of questions for you to answer. Your answers to these questions will help us to determine an appropriate next step for your lesson materials or lesson idea. Feel free to get in touch with with any questions, either before or after submitting your Issue.

If you are an existing member of this GitHub organization and you wish to create a new lesson repository, or transfer another existing lesson into the Incubator, you are welcome to do so. In such cases, to assist with our internal record-keeping, we ask that you still open an issue to tell us about the lesson.

Thank you and welcome to The Carpentries Incubator!


Open an issue in this repository to share Carpentries-style lessons and lesson ideas.






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