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Your Role in CarpentryCon

- Post by Malvika Sharan

The Carpentries teaches foundational computational, coding, and data science skills to researchers worldwide with the help of its diverse and global community of volunteer Instructors, helpers, Trainers, Maintainers, champions, member organizations, supporters, and staffs.

The biannual CarpentryCon conference is developed to provide a diverse and inclusive environment to its existing and future members for learning, skill-building, and networking in the topics of computational techniques. With the help of different session formats, participants not only gain new skills and enhance the quality and efficiency of their work, but also strengthen their connections with each other built on the culture of inclusion, sharing and gratitude.

Each member of The Carpentries plays an important role in making this event happen. Below we have listed some roles and responsibilities that can help you truly become a part of this event if you decide to join us in organizing it or to attend the event itself.

The Carpentries Organization and Staff

The Carpentries organization supports and values the importance of bringing its members together at the in-person conference of CarpentryCon. The Executive Director had contributed significantly to the planning of its inaugural event and have constantly provided support to both the TaskForce members and the participants. The Staff members have generously offered their expertise whenever the members of the TaskForce members and participants have sought their guidance.

CarpentryCon Liaison

The Liaison role is filled by The Carpentry staff who facilitates the communication or cooperation while working closely between the CarpentryCon TaskForce and Carpentries Organization/Staff.

CarpentryCon Coordinators

The previous chairs and TaskForce members will fill the role of coordinators. They act as the point of reference for the new TaskForce members and area chairs and provide direction throughout the organization. They ensure the dissemination of knowledge gained from their experience as organizer of past CarpentryCon event(s) and provide support to the TaskForce members.

CarpentryCon Area Chairs

Currently, there are six defined areas of responsibilities (non-exhaustive): website and outreach, communication, budget, program, content development, and accessibility. The TaskForce members will take leadership positions as co-chairs in one of these areas while supporting other area-chairs in their work.

CarpentryCon Local Host/Volunteers

Upon finalization of the conference venue, a local host/contact will join the TaskForce and will act as a contact person regarding any questions related to the venue. It will be useful to have a few local volunteers from the area who can provide information to help the taskForce plan different logistics while working remotely.

CarpentryCon TaskForce

The TaskForce includes the CarpentryCon liaison, coordinators, area-chairs and local-host/local volunteers.

Code of Conduct (CoC) Duty Officer

The carpentry CoC will apply to this conference including all the social events organized under this conference. The TaskForce will appoint a duty officer in order to establish and uphold the Carpentries CoC at the conference. They will act as a point of contact for the attendees, answer any queries and report related to CoC, and address any situation regarding CoC violation. If a member of the Carpentries Code of Conduct committee plans to attend the conference, they will be requested by the TaskForce to take this role. Any other member from the TaskForce can take this role by contacting the CoC committee and receiving all the required information to serve at this role.

CarpentryCon Volunteers

Members of the community who are not already involved in one of the aforementioned organization roles can choose to become conference volunteers. You can see a few responsibilities listed here (from 2018) that you can take up closer to the event or during the event.

Welcome Team

Taskforce, on-site volunteers and CoC duty officers will together form a welcome-team to ensure that the conference attendees feel welcome, included, supported and empowered during the conference. Their specific roles during the conference can be agreed with the TaskForce.

Community members as conference attendees

CarpentryCon aspires to become a biannual event, providing opportunities for in-person meetings to its Global Carpentries community. This unconference-type event will focus on empowering its attendees who can become part of local communities while maintaining the global perspective of the Carpentries. The current and future Carpentry community leaders as attendees will gain opportunities for continued learning, professional development and sharing their skills and perspectives.

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