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A simplistic podcast manager module for the Mezzanine CMS.
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Mezzanine Podcast

This is a simple podcast manager module for the Mezzanine CMS. It adds the ability to upload audio files, notes, and some metadata for the files. Two views are provided, one for a listing of podcasts and one for displaying details about a single podcast. Sample templates are included. The sample detail template uses the HTML5 audio tag to stream the audio.

The module allows for uploads in ogg/vorbis format and mp4/aac format. This covers all major browsers that support HTML5. If you need to target other browsers (specifically Internet Explorer <= IE8) you'll need to provide a Flash fallback player such as jPlayer.


You have two main options for installing. You can install mezzanine-podcast to your system package directory or just extract the source and put the podcast directory in your mezzanine project root.

If you choose to use the first option, I recommend you use virtualenv or equivalent to isolate the package since it uses a rather generic podcast package name.

Option 1 - Install into system packages or virtualenv:


Option 2 - Install in your mezzanine project root:

wget -O - | tar -zxvf -
cp -r carpie-mezzanine-podcast-<hash>/podcast <path_to_your_mez_prj>/


To use:

  • Add podcast to your INSTALLED_APPS in in your mezzanine project.

  • Add ("^podcasts/", include("podcast.urls")), to your project's

  • Add ogg support to the file browser by putting the following block in your file:

    # Add ogg to the filebrowser's music extensions
        'Folder': [''],
        'Image': ['.jpg','.jpeg','.gif','.png','.tif','.tiff'],
        'Video': ['.mov','.wmv','.mpeg','.mpg','.avi','.rm'],
        'Document': ['.pdf','.doc','.rtf','.txt','.xls','.csv'],
        'Audio': ['.mp3','.mp4','.wav','.aiff','.midi','.m4p', '.ogg'],
        'Code': ['.html','.py','.js','.css']
  • From your mezzanine project run:

    ./ migrate podcast

Now, the podcast list page should be available at the podcasts/ url. You can now add podcasts through the normal admin interface. If you add a page with the same name as the slug (e.g. podcasts) the contents of the page will be shown before the podcast list when the slug is visited.


To override the default templates, create the template files templates/podcast/podcast_list.html and templates/podcast/podcast_detail.html in your mezzanine project.

To change the slug from the default of podcasts:

  • Add PODCAST_SLUG = my_slug to
  • Change the slug in to match, or set up the url to use the one imported from settings.
  • Create a Page with a title matching the slug.

If you are audio files are larger than the 10 MB default, you can change the upload limit by setting FILEBROWSER_MAX_UPLOAD_SIZE (in bytes) in

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