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UplandToys Max 4 Live patches

These devices are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

#MIDI Effects

##UplandToys BallSequencer

UplandToys BallSequencer


BallSequencer is a sequencer based around the idea of MIDI messages being generated by balls moving around inside a rectangular area. Notes are triggered whenever a ball collides with the boundary of the rectangle. You can set parameters that will control the movement of each ball, in addition to possible note and velocity values depending on which wall is hit. All parameters have a brief explanation which can be viewed by opening the live help window and hovering over the parameters.

#Audio Effects

##UplandToys GrainTracer Coming soon :-) This will be a granular synthesis effect which granulates a chosen sound or sounds based on incoming audio. I have had this effect as a Sound Forge script for several years, and am very excited about turning it into a real time device using max 4 live!

#Support I'm giving away these tools for free. In return, I would greatly appreciate it if you follow me on SoundCloud: and/or Twitter:


UplandToys Max 4 Live patches



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