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JUnitBenchmarks (git clone of the head SVN)
Java CSS

Merge pull request #17 from wouterv/add-css-to-history

added simple way to be able to add a stylesheet to the history report
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Simple Java microbenchmarks written as JUnit tests.

See JavaDoc and for more info.

Contributors and bug reports

Julien Eluard
Neil Prosser
Dominik Drzewiecki [github: drzewo]
Steven Swor [github: sworisbreathing]
Vladimir Miguro [github: trnl]


mvn clean                # Clean the working copy.
mvn install -DskipTests  # Quick compile, no tests.
mvn -Prelease            # Release mode (javadocs, sources, zip/tgz bundles, gpg signing).
                         # Results in: target/*.tgz


mvn -Prelease clean deploy  # Snapshot or release deploy to sonatype [requires proper setup in settings.xml]

MySQL Testing
The MySQL unit test runs an embedded instance of MySQL, listening on a random
port.  However, the test is disabled under the default build profile, and is
only executed when the `tests-include-mysql` profile is active.  This is done
for two reasons:

 1. Running an embedded instance of mysql as part of a maven build requires
    `mysql-connector-mxj-db-files`, which is around 133MB in size.  By moving
    the test to a different profile, we are able to skip downloading this (very
    large) dependency, unless the user explicitly specifies that he wants to use
 2. Running an automated task which opens up a random port can cause problems
    with firewalls or other applications, and opening up a port introduces
    potential security problems.  The port is not opened under the default build
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