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BurpSuite Extensions

This is an assorted set of various BurpSuite extensions that I've created while doing pentesting and other things.

Note Every extension is tested on following configuration

  • BurpSuite 1.6.01 and newest one (I use free and pro version respectively)
  • Jython 2.7

To send bug reports, feature requests, or whisky, simply drop a mail to

JSONDecoder (1.1)

Quite simply just a JSON pretty printer with some additional features.

  • Ability to remove json garbage (like }]);) - it does a bit of guessing, so not always reliable
  • Ability to force JSON decoding on atypical content-type (by default decodes only application/json and text/javascript)

Argonaut (0.4)

Extension process all request parameters and try to find if they are echoed back in response. Key feature is transformation support so, will also recognize if for example > is translated to >. Transformations/escaping currently implemented:

  • Plain (no escaping)
  • Jinja2 template

Let me know what other escaping you would like to see

Under heavy development so if you want some features let me know. Also inform me know about bugs.