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Continuum Repositories

Note: nothing here, save the readme, is my work. Originally it came from:


I'm hoping this repository will act as a mirror of sorts. As such, pull requests nor issues will be reviewed.


Most visually impaired python developers will undoubtedly be aware of the continuum repositories (containing sound_lib, accessible_output, etc), which are used in a number of open-source applications. As of the last couple months, visiting the Mercurial Page or attempting to download content resulted in a 502 (bad gateway) error. This effectively made them entirely unavailable, pretty much leaving new developers out in the cold. For many (myself included) who have disorganised publicly released code requiring the use of continuum modules, it was quite irritating to collect dependencies and play ping-pong with dropbox links and such.

Multiple attempts from an assortment of users to Accessible Apps regarding the issue ultimately went nowhere. In my case the conversation ended when it was decided hurling criticisms was a far preferable solution as opposed to actually dealing with my concerns in a professional manner. Requests keep coming, thus this repository was born.