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Cordova Template Reference

This is a reference for building and publishing Cordova Templates.

Structure of your template

├── package.json (for your template package to be published on npm)
├──	index.js
└── template_src (contains template files)
    ├── package.json 
	├── config.xml 
	└── (files and folders that make up the template)

Outside of template_src

All files outside of template_src are used to define parameters about the template. These files are not copied over at creation, so feel free to add a README or any other files outside of template_src.

index.js points to where the template exists. You'll see that index.js usually looks like:

var path = require('path');

module.exports = {
    dirname : path.join(__dirname, 'template_src')

package.json tells you about the template. It is necessary state that "main": "index.js" so that the reference to the template source in index.js is propagated. All templates should contain the keyword "cordova:template" so that the template is searchable on npm.

"main": "index.js",
"keywords": [

Inside of template_src

All files inside of template_src compose the template from which a user would desire in order to create their project. Everything in this folder is copied over to the created project.

(The package.json in template_src should be filled with information that describes the project that would be created from the template.)