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Example CASified Java Web Application

This is sample java web application that exercises the CAS protocol features via the Java CAS Client.


  • Adjust the url endpoints of the CAS server and the application server in the web.xml file.


  • Create a Java keystore at /etc/cas/jetty/thekeystore with the password changeit.
  • Import your server certificate inside this keystore.
mvn clean package jetty:run-forked

The application will be available on:




Testing High Availability

Assuming you have deployed CAS on two nodes, you can use the sample application to make sure all nodes are properly sharing the ticket state. To do this, in the web.xml file ensure that:

  • The casServerLoginUrl of the CAS Authentication Filter points to CAS node 1 (i.e
  • The casServerUrlPrefix of the CAS Validation Filter points to CAS node 2 (i.e
  • For both of the above filters, the serverName should always point to the location where this sample application is deployed.

Deploy the application and test. You may also want to reverse the order of CAS nodes 1 and 2 in the above configuration, redeploy and test again.

Alternatively, one could test distributed CAS nodes without any client application set up using this small command line utility