a javascript bridge for iOS app to interact with h5 web view
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An iOS bridge for sending messages between Obj-C and JavaScript in WKWebView


  • Remote Debug
  • Send/Handle Mesasage From Native To JS
  • Send/Handle Mesasage From JS To Native

Play with Demo

  • You have to checkout that your mac has installed golang

  • cd into CTJSBridge/WebServer directory and make run

  • if you get listen tcp :80: bind: address already in use make: *** [run] Error 1 Error. Open then CTJSBridge/WebServer/main.go file and change the 80 to other port

  • Then pod update and run the CTJSBridge.xcworkspace project on simulator

  • When it is running, you will see the web page, and then tap five times on the screen, the connect info will show up, and the count is 0.

  • open Safari and go to http://localhost, enter connect info like: to connect to simulator

  • close the connect info alert in simulator and tap five times on the screen to show it again, if count is 1, that means the safari has connected to your simulator.

  • play it!

  • in the real device, you do these step the same, remote debug works on real device either.


Make calls

see js call below:

      window.CTJSBridge.LoadMethod("Demo", "push", {"key":"value"}, {
          document.getElementById('message').innerHTML = result;
          document.getElementById('message').innerHTML = result;
          document.getElementById('message').innerHTML = result;

CTJSBridge will alloc the Object named Target_H5Demo (Target_H5 + Demo), and call Action_push: (Action_ + push) with params {"key":"value"}. So you just make sure that you have a correct object and selector, CTJSBridge will call it!

the params should always be a dictionary.

In the params send to Action_push:, you will find three block named success,fail,progress,they received a NSDictionary as callback data to js.

if you are using CTNetworking to make API call in your app, just send the name of API Manager and API params, you call Native API from js on the fly! No extra works!

window.CTJSBridge.LoadAPI("CTMarvelCharactersAPIManager", {"orderBy":"modified"}, {
    document.getElementById('message').innerHTML = result;
    document.getElementById('message').innerHTML = result;
    document.getElementById('message').innerHTML = result;

Create WKWebview

create WKWebview with the category method:

#import <CTJSBridge/CTJSBridge.h>

- (WKWebView *)webview
    if (_webview == nil) {
        _webview = [WKWebView ct_WKWebViewWithConfiguration:nil prefixUserAgent:nil];
    return _webview;

tada~ there you go!

see demo code for more detail:

calling from js: https://github.com/casatwy/CTJSBridge/blob/master/WebServer/static/index.html

objc receive code: https://github.com/casatwy/CTJSBridge/blob/master/CTJSBridge/Demo/Targets/Demo/Target_H5Demo.m

callback to js: https://github.com/casatwy/CTJSBridge/blob/master/CTJSBridge/Demo/DemoViewController.m#L47


pod 'CTJSBridge'


  • iOS 9 or higher



  • If you found a bug, open an issue.
  • If you have a feature request, open an issue.
  • If you want to contribute, submit a pull request.


This project is licensed under the MIT License.