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@@ -56,12 +56,12 @@ <h2 class="title">Color</h2>
<h2 class="title">Map Size</h2>
<label><input name="map_size" type="radio" value="48"/> Large (48 x 48)</label>
<label><input name="map_size" type="radio" value="24"/> Medium (24 x 24)</label>
- <label><input name="map_size" type="radio" value="16"/> Small (16 x 16)</label>
+ <label><input name="map_size" type="radio" value="16" checked/> Small (16 x 16)</label>
<div class="group">
<h2 class="title">Planet Density</h2>
<label><input name="density" type="radio" value="0.075"/> High</label>
- <label><input name="density" type="radio" value="0.05"/> Medium</label>
+ <label><input name="density" type="radio" value="0.05" checked/> Medium</label>
<label><input name="density" type="radio" value="0.025"/> Low</label>
<button type="submit">Create Game</button>

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