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See the project website for documentation and APIs.

Misk-Web is a new micro-frontends Typescript + React web framework from Cash App.

It also happens to work seamlessly with Misk!

Misk-Web is still bleeding edge and may have breaking changes up until version 1.0.0.

Quick Links

NPM Packages

NPM Package Docs Description
npm Docs React + Typescript components and utilities
npm Docs A simpler way to wire up interactive form, network, and other components with Redux
npm Docs Common interfaces, colors, constants
npm Docs Shared developer build tools
npm Docs Shared Prettier config
npm Docs Test libraries (Jest) and configuration
npm Docs Standard TSLint configuration and rules
npm [Deprecated] Migrated to @misk/core

How to work with this repo

misk-web manages its Node installation via Hermit. Follow the Quickstart guide, then activate the hermit environment:

cd path/to/misk-web
source bin/activate-hermit

Also consider enabling Hermit shell hooks.

This repo is a monorepo managed by Rush. Using Rush allows coordinated version releases and iterative builds, among other headache-saving features. Please take time to read their documentation for other commands not described below.

Set up rush:

npm i -g @microsoft/rush

Then build everything:

# Like `npm install`, but for all packages in the repo.
rush update
# Like `npm run build`, but for all of them.
rush build


Micro-Frontends React + Redux + Typescript Framework




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