3D continuous brain phantom
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The NURBS-based HUman Brain (NHUB) Phantom

DOI brain_phantom-hits

Based on a segmented MRI dataset of a normal subject (100 structures) including the ability to simulate rigid motion of the brain (3 translation, 3 rotation).



(Re)compile using make, or use CMake (e.g. for Visual Studio). Then run dncat_bin (without arguments) for help:

$ make
$ ./dncat_bin
Program to produce voxelised phantoms from NURBS torso file input

  ./dncat_bin [options] <gen_par> <out_base>

  -x X  translation in mm
  -y Y  translation in mm
  -z Z  translation in mm
  -X X  rotation in degrees
  -Y Y  rotation in degrees
  -Z Z  rotation in degrees

  <gen_par>   : general parameter filename. Note that start_slice should be
                an even number > 1 to avoid artefacts.
  <out_base>  : base string for output files


./dncat_bin test.par resulting_image1

will create a 128x128x128 sample brain image (see test.par for definitions). The values we have used in this particular example are somewhat close to a typical anatomic MR study (but this may need to be better tuned and double-checked for the various regions).



  • Paul Segars 2006-09-03
  • Casper da Costa-Luis (casperdcl) 2017-05

Original can be downloaded from here.

Please reference the following work (in which the construction of the phantom has been more elaborately mentioned):

  1. Rahmim, K. Dinelle, J. C. Cheng, M. A. Shilov, W. P. Segars, S. C. Lidstone, S. Blinder, O. G. Rousset, H. Vajihollahi, B. M. W. Tsui, D. F. Wong, and V. Sossi, "Accurate event-driven motion compensation in high-resolution PET incorporating scattered and random events", IEEE Trans. Med. Imag., vol. 27, pp. 1018-1033, 2008.