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SoundCloud for Clojure

Soundcloud connection for Clojure, using the java-api-wrapper. This is pretty much a straight port of the example code. All we've done so far is port the upload procedure, but the rest should be straightforward.

(NOTE: I'm going to overhaul this - the auth. token serialisation from the example code is pretty horrid, and makes the code definitely not thread-safe, although if we're doing nonce-based authentication then we can't parallelise it anyway.)


SoundCloud's Java API libraries are all available on the Maven global repositories, so we just fetch everything in Leiningen. (See project.clj.)

There's a tiny amount of local configuration: the create-wrapper function takes a filename for a JSON file, like so:

            "soundcloud" : {
                    "username" : "[username]",
                    "password" : "[password]",
                    "id" : "[application id]",
                    "secret" : "[application secret]"

(We've put everything under "soundcloud" so that the same file can be used to hold additional parameters.)

Hack the paths in scratch.clj, and enjoy.


Copyright © 2012 Nick Rothwell,

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.