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Base library for net.loadbang projects
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This is a hotch-potch of rather antiquated utilities for MaxMSP used by the rest of the net.loadbang suite. The prebuilt JAR files are in the sub-directory distribution, or the library can be built from the enclosed sources using Maven. To install without building, copy all the JAR files from distribution except the max-[...].jar file into the java/lib directory of your Max installation.

The Maven build is pretty straightforward - import into Eclipse or run Maven from the command line. One wrinkle: the max.jar file isn't available in any Maven repository, so install the one we've included in this distribution into your local repository as follows:

    mvn install:install-file \
        -Dfile=com.cycling74.max-5.1.9.jar \
        -DgroupId=com.cycling74 \
        -DartifactId=com.cycling74.max \
        -Dversion=5.1.9 \
        -Dpackaging=jar \

(We pulled the max.jar file from MaxMSP 5.1.9, but there are no significant advances that we know of in the version shipping with Max6. All of our net.loadbang projects have explicit dependencies on the 5.1.9 version, although they run happily under Max6.)


Distributed under the GNU General Public License.

Copyright (C) 2011 Nick Rothwell.

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