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Anserini Release Notes (v0.3.0)

Release date: December 16, 2018

  • Final release based on Lucene 6; upgrade to Lucene 7 planned next.
  • TREC 2018 additions:
    • Added runbooks for Anserini and h2oloo groups.
    • Added code for News Track Background Linking Task.
    • Added default regressions for Common Core Track.
  • Revived and augmented experimental feature to index/search Freebase.
  • Added Jelinek-Mercer smoothing for QL scoring.
  • Updated JDIQ regression tests to align with article publication.
  • Added regression tests for SIGIR Forum article.
  • Added ability to supply multiple retrieval parameters on command line for more efficient parameter sweeps.
  • Fixed bug in implementation of -rm3.fbTerms.
  • Refactored Ax and RM3 feedback reranker to construct queries programmatically instead of using Lucene's QueryParser.

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