Deep learning for natural language processing and information retrieval at the University of Waterloo

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  1. Castor

    PyTorch deep learning models for text processing

    Python 91 42

  2. Anserini

    A toolkit for reproducible information retrieval research built on Lucene

    Java 70 50

  3. honk

    PyTorch implementations of neural network models for keyword spotting

    Python 169 46

  4. BuboQA

    Simple question answering over knowledge graphs (Mohammed et al., NAACL 2018)

    Python 134 43

  5. SimpleDBpediaQA

    simple QA over knowledge graphs on DBpedia

    Python 7 2

  6. NCE-CNN-Torch

    Noise-Contrastive Estimation for Question Answering with Convolutional Neural Networks (Rao et al. CIKM 2016)

    Lua 47 21

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