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Anserini Release Notes (v0.4.0)

Release date: March 4, 2019

  • Upgraded to Lucene 7.6 and updated regressions.
  • Added runbooks for ECIR 2019:
    • Ruifan Yu, Yuhao Xie, and Jimmy Lin. Simple Techniques for Cross-Collection Relevance Feedback.
    • Peilin Yang and Jimmy Lin. Reproducing and Generalizing Semantic Term Matching in Axiomatic Information Retrieval.
  • Added Anserini/Solr integration.
  • Updated documentation for experiments in SIGIR Forum 2018 article; added fine tuning results for axiomatic semantic term matching.
  • Changed RM3 default parameters to match those from Indri and updated regressions.
  • Added back F2Exp and F2Log similarities (instead of using Lucene defaults) and updated regressions.
  • Added Python analysis script.
  • Augmented SimpleSearcher functionality.
  • Refactored regression framework.

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