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A project to re-implement the daemon controlling the Xserve front panel CPU activity LED
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This project contains a small program that demonstrates how to drive the Intel Xserve's front panel CPU activity LEDs. I've only tested it on a 2009 Dual Xeon Xserve, but it should work on any Intel-based Xserve.

It's a work in progress. Currently, only the CPU activity LEDs are working.

Eventually, I hope to be able to drive all features of the Xserve (IPMI interaction over BMC, CPU-activity linked front panel LEDs).

On OS X Lion Server-era systems, all of this was done by the hwmond daemon, which made use of the PlatformHardwareManagement framework. These binaries cannot (easily) be ported to newer OSes, so I started work on a re-implementation.


Currently, this project should build & run under macOS and Linux (but I might have broken something – please let me know!). Make sure you have libusb installed.

cmake . && make


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