Jan 22, 2019
Unsynchronized sources can still try to use existing nodes for chains
Host filters document symbols for unique locations
Server response logging in debug
Host keeps deleted files open in sources
CoreGen tweaks
Fix negative argument error in Source#stringify_comment_array (#141)
Library#references_from includes parameter pins (#135)
Block nodes are foldable
Source detects comment positions past the range on the ending line
workspace/didChangeConfiguration ignores null settings (#144)
Jan 14, 2019
Removed deprecated Library methods
Tweaked foldable comment ranges
Host::Dispatch module for managing open sources and libraries
YardMap::CoreGen module for generating documentation from Ruby source
Improved communication between hosts and adapters
Refactored Host methods
`@!domain` directive uses [type] syntax
Make SourceMap#query_symbols use fuzzy matching. (#132)
Threaded ApiMap cataloging
Fixed fencepost error in Position.from_offset
Lazy method alias resolution
Library#references_from returns unique locations
Additional info logs
Asynchronous source parsing
Unsychronized source support for faster completion requests (castwide/vscode-solargraph#95)
Faster source comment parsing
Host only diagnoses synchronized sources
Dec 31, 2018
Workspace/library mapping errors (#124)
RuboCop diagnostics handle validation errors
Map visibility methods with parameters
Allow overriding core doc cache directory (#125)
Dec 28, 2018
Library#catalog avoids rebuilding ApiMaps that are already synchronized
Host#locate_pin finds YARD pins
completionItem/resolve merges documentation from multiple pins
Dec 26, 2018
Multi-root workspaces
Folding ranges
Logging with levels
Environment info
Replace EventMachine with Backport
Gems without yardocs fall back to stdlib
Formatting requires shellwords
Use Pathname to normalize require paths
Dec 18, 2018
Source::Change repairs preceding periods and colons.
Pins use typify and probe methods for type inference.
NodeChainer supports or_asgn nodes.
NodeMethods.returns_from supports and/or nodes.
Library uses single source checkout.
ApiMap includes BasicObject and operators in method queries.
Refactored CheckGemVersion.
Dec 7, 2018
Parameter type checks in implicit type inference.
Additional implicit method type detection cases.
Chains match constants on complete symbols.
Dec 5, 2018
Missing parameter in send_notification call.
Typo in checkGemVersion message.
Dec 5, 2018
Pin type checks for module_function, private_class_method, and privat…

ApiMap#catalog checks for added and removed sources.
Nov 30, 2018
Alias method reference error.