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Catalyst - Facilitating Commissions

Table of Contents


Short Blurb

Catalyst serves to facilitate the process of commissioning through a simple, unified, and mobile-friendly way for artists to easily list their prices, recieve and track commissions, and much more.

What Sets us Apart

We are aware that there are many current and planned competitors to us. However, we plan to provide an excellent service in a way no one else does with some of the following features:

  • Easy to search system
  • Responsive, mobile-friendly interface
  • Messages on various events such as opening of commissions
  • Message delivery to E-Mail
  • No social media aspect - this allows for us to focus on what matters and cut the crap
  • Easy integration with other social networks
  • Character management
  • No fees
  • And much more!

How you can Help

Follow us! I ask for help often in the Discord and Telegram!

Feature List

  • Easy to find artists and their listings
  • Artist and user profiles will contain social media information, including streaming indication
  • Searchable artist profiles with simple formatting (colors, markdown)
  • Examples! Lots of examples for you to gaze upon before you commission!
  • Reviews - commissioners can leave an anonymous rating/comment
    • Additionally, you can view recent commissioners and contact them to ask about their experience
  • Characters
    • Easily create a profile for your character full of art, refs, bio, etc and share it with an artist!
  • Commission management - easily keep track of commissions and their status, possibly with trello integration
  • Intuitive, simple design which is fully mobile-friendly!
  • Strong security - two factor authentication and constant verifications site-wide

Known Bugs

Basic Feature List

Additional Features

See our Trello for a general idea! However, we now use Conveyor for real management so the Trello may be inconsistent, inaccurate, or otherwise outdated.

Developer Notes

This project adheres to PSR-1 and PSR-2 with the following exceptions:

  • Indentation is a tab, not spaces,
  • Opening braces go on the same line, and
  • Closure function keywords must not have a space following them.