SRS::EPP::Proxy - EPP <=> SRS XML proxy server for Perl 5
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README for SRS::EPP::Proxy

This package in an implementation of an application server proxy
between the stateful EPP protocol, as described in RFC3730 and a
plethora of other languages, and the stateless SRS XML language.

On its own, the application has a somewhat limited audience;
basically, domain registrars who want to manage their .nz domains (or
any other CCTLD operator using the GPL'd registry software available
at using their existing EPP software, but want to
retain the actual signed messages which are sent to and from the
registry.  These messages are useful in that they are PGP signed,
hence providing non-repudiation in both directions.

However the code base also serves as a useful base for those who are
writing XML application servers, or an EPP registry.  Contributions
which generalise the code base to make it more useful to you will be
accepted if they don't break the code for us and conform to the patch
submission guidelines; see the SubmittingPatches file for details.

The application is designed to be installed like a CPAN module; so use
the usual:

  perl Makefile.PL
  sudo make install

The CPAN module dependencies will be highlighted during the first
command. If you do not have 'sudo' installed, you can use:

  su root -c make install

Once it is installed, the 'srs_epp_proxy' program will need
configuration (configuring valid SSL CAs, SRS registrar interface URL,
registrar ID, and the SRS PGP key; see its man page/perldoc for
details) and then started via:

  # srs_epp_proxy

There is also an example /etc/init.d-style script supplied which can
be used to start the proxy on system start-up.

License and credits
This software development is sponsored and directed by New Zealand
Registry Services,

The work is being carried out by Catalyst IT,

Copyright (c) 2009, NZ Registry Services.  All Rights Reserved.  This
software may be used under the terms of the Artistic License 2.0.
Note that this license is compatible with both the GNU GPL and
Artistic licenses.  A copy of this license is supplied with the
distribution in the file COPYING.txt.