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PECL version of ext/intl – adds support to old PHP versions
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breakiterator intl: remove extra quotes from arginfo params
calendar intl: fix extra space in constant name
collator Merge branch 'v2'
common Add support for non-scalar Iterator keys in foreach
converter intl/converter in line w/ intl error handling
dateformat Merge branch 'v2'
formatter Merge branch 'v2'
grapheme small optimization
idn - PHP 5.2 compatibility.
locale Do not fetch default locale once on minit or rinit
msgformat Merge branch 'v2'
normalizer Fixed the common misspelling of the word occurred (occured -> occurred)
resourcebundle Add support for non-scalar Iterator keys in foreach
spoofchecker Fixed defective cloning in ext/intl classes
tests typo fixes
timezone Fixed cloning in ext/intl classes; master specific
transliterator fix bug #49348 - issue notice on get_property_ptr_ptr when used for read
.gitignore Add .gitignore
CREDITS Removed executable permissions
ERROR.CONVENTIONS Merge branch 'pull-request/341'
config.m4 Add UConverter class (ICU's UConverter API)
config.w32 Add UConverter class (ICU's UConverter API)
intl_common.h Removed executable permissions
intl_convert.c Removed executable permissions
intl_convert.h Removed executable permissions
intl_convertcpp.cpp DateFormat plays nice with Calendar, TimeZone
intl_convertcpp.h Added changes made in master branch.
intl_cppshims.h DateFormat plays nice with Calendar, TimeZone
intl_data.h Removed executable permissions
intl_error.c Merge branch 'v2'
intl_error.h Merge branch 'v2'
package.xml Prepare for 3.0.0, now w/ missed commits
php_compatshims.h Fix build and functionality on 5.2
php_intl.c intl: add intlcal_set_minimal_days_in_first_week()
php_intl.h Prepare for 3.0.0 release
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