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Standalone application for plotting charts with different training statistics in a browser.
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CatBoost Viewer


You need Node.js and NPM installed. You can do this from download or by package manager.

npm i -g catboost-viewer

After that you will get globally installed catboost-viewer executable.


catboost-viewer path/to/catboost/files

Navigate to http://localhost:3000.


Powered by bem-express.

Get sources:

git clone
cd catboost-viewer
npm i
CATBOOST_DIR=path/to/catboost/files npm run dev

will run initial enb make command and then start the server with nodemon which will restart it on any server file update. Also chokidar will watch for changes in *.blocks/** and rebuild the project automatically. Then livereload will update the page in the browser.

You may also set NO_LIVERELOAD env variable to switch livereload off:

NO_LIVERELOAD=1 CATBOOST_DIR=path/to/catboost/files npm run dev

You may also run rebuild manually with enb make or with external watcher (e.g. npm run watch). To switch off automatic rebuild use NO_AUTOMAKE env variable:

NO_AUTOMAKE=1 CATBOOST_DIR=path/to/catboost/files npm run dev

Mocking files

If you need to mock files which are continuously written (as in CatBoost train process):

node tests/mock-running.js source/dir/with/catboost/files target/dir

Then run with created dir:

CATBOOST_DIR=target/dir npm run dev


Run server in dev mode with NODE_ENV=development environment variable (nodemon will set it for you).

In dev mode

  • Add ?json=1 to URL to see raw data
  • Add ?bemjson=1 to URL to see BEMJSON generated with BEMTREE templates.


YENV=production enb make
NODE_ENV=production CATBOOST_DIR=path/to/catboost/files node server
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