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Class 1 GMM Standard Operating Procedures

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These are the SOPs that I provided to the Irish EPA as part of my "Consent Conditions" for "Contained Use of Class 1 Genetically Modified Microorganisms".

A common requirement for biological laboratories is a set of "Standard Operating Procedures", which regulators like to see maintained as an alternative to checking whether licensees have any common sense. It is hoped that this collection of easily edited SOPs will help others to bootstrap small or personal labs for DIYbio and small startup biotechs.

Despite the bureaucracy-friendly formatting of the SOPs, I did put a lot of effort into writing technically useful documents. Some of these SOPs can be considered as laboratory protocols, such as the SOPs detailing correct usage/maintainance/testing of laboratory equipment, and correct sterilisation of glassware, equipment and waste.

These SOPs are all released by their author (Cathal Garvey) under a Creative Commons Attribution, Sharealike License, human-readable text for which can be found here:

If you find these useful, please let me know. If you use them as part of a Contained Use application, I'd definitely like to hear about it. If you make any edits/improvements to the documents, please let me know and/or offer a pull request on Github; while I may not personally adopt your changes in my own lab (if the EPA is unlikely to appreciate them), I may consider them vastly superior to my own and recommend them to others in future.

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