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Creating an Issue

CATMAID encourages users to create GitHub issues to report any bugs or new features ideas. If seeking assistance about configuring or using CATMAID, the CATMAID mailing list is the best place to ask since your message will be seen by many CATMAID users and not just core contributors.

When creating an issue for a bug, please include the following information if relevant:

  • CATMAID version (find this either by hovering your cursor over the "CATMAID" header on your CATMAID homepage or by running git describe in your CATMAID installation)
  • If an error popup is shown, the text shown by pressing "show/hide detail" in the popup
  • Any errors that occur in the javascript console. In Chrome, this console can be opened by pressing CONTROL+SHIFT+J (+ALT+J in OS X), or by going through the menu to Tools > Javascript Console.

Contributing to CATMAID

CATMAID welcomes contributions. For information on how to begin developing with CATMAID or how to get in touch with other developers, refer to the documentation: