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  • Restored display of class locations
  • Added week switcher


  • Temporarily removed location of classes as requested by ANU


  • Fixed an issue where updating the revision num will cause a Course.course initialize error
  • Removed auto-selector residual code for now
  • Added Mocha test directory


  • Added option to take a .PNG screenshot of the timetable
  • Added hide button to activities (requested by email from a few people)


  • Finalised auto-scraper and added the following scripts under /anutimtable/anuscrape:
    1. - bash script that checks for new timetable data and updates the GitHub repo
    2. schedule_scraping.bak - crontab configuration that sets scraping frequency
    3. - python program that updates version numbers if new data is found


  • Changed the regex used in the scrapers to work correctly with the 2018 timetable
  • Added a script that takes the timetable.json file and checks for conflicting course activities in terms of iid values


  • Changed scrapers to use the 2018 timetable website
  • Changed mode to _S1 courses only


  • Added offline support


  • Added autofocus property for the course input box


  • Fixed an issue with IE/Edge where Array.prototype.indexOf method does not exist


  • Fixed an issue with scraper generating wrong iid
  • Fixed an issue with some cell's color won't go away after deleting the course (parent().get(0) only returns one element, therefore need to loop over parent())


  • Enhanced choose button to be displayed only when there's alternatives
  • Fixed some spelling errors


  • Added a PHP scraper (for non-ANU network use)
  • Fixed the background color issue (temporarily)


  • Fixed table displaying issue.


  • Added auto-selecting feature.
    • No UI for now, use Magic.cast() in console to see effects.
    • The result will be ordered by clashes in ascending order.


  • Temporarily fixed the problem with choosable compulsory courses.
    • It will be deprecated soon.


  • Fixed the problem with confirm window popping out while clicking re-choose buttons.
  • Added border spacing.


  • Compressed JSON structure.
    • day will now be index instead of string.
    • Removed name because it's redundant.
    • Added id.
  • Added tutorial re-choose feature (appeared as icons).
  • Added pinned classes icon effect.
  • Added confirm window when deleting courses.
  • Added revisionNum.
    • If a new value is found, then clear tutorials.
    • This value is only changed when changing data structure!
  • Added mouseover effects when you hover a choosable tutorial.
    • The purpose of this is to ease the pain of finding same tutorials with different time.
  • Changed delete button next to course name to icons.
  • Changed the behaviour of tutorial displaying.
    • It will now automatically add newly updated classes to the cookie/localStorage instead of ignoring its existence.
    • After choosing a tutorial, the element will be deleted instead of set to hidden.
    • The choose button will now longer appear if there's a chosen tutorial.
    • Because of the order changing after re-choose tuts, lesson style will now determined by the existence of lesson-style-x, instead of hash.
  • Changed the way of deciding how different groups belong to one tutorial.
    • The normal format of a class name is: {COURSE_NAME}{GROUP_TYPE}{GROUP_NUMBER}/ {NUMBER}, {NUMBER} will be used.
  • Changed the structure of Course.structure ({ class: chosen tutorial id, ... }).
  • Changed weekdays header to full.
  • Removed leading zeros in and ending /s (because the official data sometimes mistakenly gives different numbers such as 01 and 1).
  • Removed usage of data-fgroup, data-id will now be used.
  • Fixed a bug where when creating an empty timeslot, it will clone the lesson style class as well.


  • Style changes to save vertical real estate.
  • Made lesson style fit to whole block.
  • Fixed the issue where the color remains when a class is removed.
  • Removed animations.


  • Fixed an issue with colspan.
  • Cleared redundant code.


  • Fixed course deletion animation (slideDown() -> slideUp()).
  • Fixed pressing enter will not add a course issue under some browsers (event.which is not supported).


  • Rewrote the code related to :30 courses support.
    • Instead of remove unused cells, it will now just hide them, this makes searching much easier.
    • It's now fully functional and the code is much cleaner than the previous version.
    • There should be no broken table if used proper, but if it occurs, please submit an issue with a screeshot and the course addition/deletion order.
  • 'class' label is now treated as 'non-compulsory' category and is selectable between different ones.
  • Added one more color to make sure six courses all get a different widget color.
  • Replaced the text 'Updated for 2016.' with default timetable update time.
  • Changed the table to show borders since it's hard to see which timeslot section the class belongs to without them
    • If we set the lesson block to inherit the cell height (cell height 1px and lesson block height 100%), it'll cause some issues when adding/deleting classes, even not, it shows too much space and looks weird).


  • Added maximum 6 courses adding limitation.
    • Code is messy, will need to rewrite it someday.
    • If the table displays in an abnormal way, submit an issue with a screeshot and the course addition/deletion order.
  • Added :30 courses supports.
  • Changed the structure for JSON (Note that the old JSON will no longer work!).
    • Removed key 'hour', added key 'start', altered key from 'duration' to 'dur'.
    • Combined all identical data classes.
    • Size reduced by 50%.


  • Deprecated save & flush button, these operations will now be processed automatically. <issue #26>
  • Reconstructed functions & variables into OOP style.
    • Not sure why 'this' keyword sometimes not working so using the direct name (e.g. Course.display()) instead for now.
  • Made the load JSON button only visible when the online source is not accessible. <issue #27>
  • Made the auto-complete more smarter. <issue #29, #31>
    • It'll now order by matching relevance.
    • The name will be more readable.
    • Course addition will be now ignore everything after the dash, instead of underscore.
  • Changed the structure for JSON (Note that the old JSON will no longer work!).
    • The structure will now be: [[fullName], [info], [location], [course]].
    • Removed key 'fullName', added key 'nid', 'iid' and 'lid' in course object.
    • This provides an index searching for fullName, location and info, which reduces the size of the data by about 50%.
    • The structure will change again in the upcoming days to merge same classes together and suit :30 classes. The file size will be significantly reduced.


  • Added delete, clear, save and flush feature (use localStorage / cookie depends on the availability).
  • Fixed an issue with tutorial selection (explained in master upstream branch issue #22).
  • Fixed the issue with not being able to choose between one hour tutorials.
  • Fixed the issue with ics export will include all the tutorials regardless of choosing or not.
  • Categorized files into folders (js, css and data, all json files will be saved in data).
  • Added auto-complete feature.
    • For matching, if the user is using his/her/theirs own data without fullName field, then it'll use name instead.
  • Added a spider written in jQuery.
    • Usage: Go to the pre-course-selection page, execute the code in a console or inline javascript: link.
    • Will retrieve validation data automatically, no need to input by yourself.
    • Appends an extra field 'fullName' to the data, which denotes the human readable name of the course (for use of auto-complete).
    • When executing, it'll display a mini progress box in the middle of the page.
    • This will fix the issue #22 without using a new identifier.



  • 2016 draft timetable available.
  • Added load json feature, supports local/offline (i.e. protocol file://, not local server) use.
  • Fixed the /timetable.json relative path issue (was directing to the root directory).
  • Changed the ics import button location and color.

Known issues

  • After deleting a course located at a index other than the last index, if the current index column is all empty, it won't delete this unused index column, which will cause a redundant gap column, but it'll be re-indexed after refreshing.
  • When there is only one class for a certain group left, the choose button shouldn't be visible.


Intuitive timetable builder for the Australian National University.




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