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This is the Arquillian Plugin for the Resin 4 Java EE 6 server
by Caucho Technologies (
a) Java
b) Apache Maven 3
c) Git
d) m2e (optional)
Building the Plugin:
1. Create a workspace for Arquillian, e.g.
2. Checkout Caucho's Arquillian Repository
a) If you want to adjust the code and get your changes upstream, do the following:
Fork & Clone Caucho's Arquillian Repo
- Go to
- Click the fork button on the top right of the page
- Clone your own fork by doing the following
git clone
b) If you just want to build the module yourself
Clone Caucho's Arquillian Repo
- git clone git://
3. Build the module
You should be in the directory
Now type to build and install the module
mvn clean install