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Dara Application Framework

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Build decision apps in Python

Tap into the power of causality by transforming data into interactive graphs and applications

Dara is a dynamic application framework designed for creating interactive web apps with ease, all in pure Python. Over the past two years, Dara has fueled the development of hundreds of apps, now widely used and appreciated by both our customers and our in-house teams!


To get started with Dara, you can use the create-dara-app CLI tool to create a new app.

pip install create-dara-app

You can also use pipx to install the CLI tool in an isolated environment.

Then simply run the following command to create a new app.


By default the CLI will attempt to scaffold your project with poetry but will fall back to pip if poetry is not present. This can be overriden with --packaging pip or --packaging poetry flag.

After the project is created, you can run it with:

cd my-dara-app

# with poetry installation
poetry run dara start

# with pip installation make sure to activate the new virtual environment
source .venv/bin/activate
dara start

Dara App

Note: pip installation uses PEP 660 pyproject.toml-based editable installs which require pip >= 21.3 and setuptools >= 64.0.0. You can upgrade both with:

python -m pip install --upgrade pip
pip install --user --upgrade setuptools

For more details check out our Documentation.

Dara App examples

Explore some of our favorite apps - a great way of getting started and getting to know the framework!

Dara App Description
Large Language Model Demonstrates how to use incorporate a LLM chat box into your decision app to understand model insights
Plot Interactivity Demonstrates how to enable the user to interact with plots, trigger actions based on clicks, mouse movements and other interactions with Bokeh or Plotly plots
Graph Editor Demonstrates how to use the CausalGraphViewer component to display your graphs or networks, customising the displayed information through colors and tooltips, and updating the page based on user interaction.

Check out our App Gallery for more inspiration!

Repository introduction

This repository covers the Dara Application Framework first-party packages.

  • dara-core: The core of the Dara framework, this includes the core framework code for creating applications.
  • dara-components: Components for the Dara Framework.
  • create-dara-app: A CLI tool for creating new Dara applications.

More information on the repository structure can be found in the file.


Dara is open-source and licensed under the Apache 2.0 License.


Dara is a dynamic application framework designed for creating interactive web apps with ease, all in pure Python.