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require "rubygems"
require "rake/gempackagetask"
require "rake/rdoctask"
require "spec"
require "spec/rake/spectask" do |t|
t.spec_opts = %w(--format specdoc --colour)
t.libs = ["spec"]
task :default => ["spec"]
# This builds the actual gem. For details of what all these options
# mean, and other ones you can add, check the documentation here:
spec = do |s|
# Change these as appropriate = "steak"
s.version = "0.3.6"
s.summary = "If you are not in Rails but use RSpec, then Steak is just some aliases providing you with the language of acceptance testing (feature, scenario, background). If you are in Rails, you also have a couple of generators, a rake task and full Rails integration testing (meaning Webrat support, for instance)"
s.description = "Minimalist acceptance testing on top of RSpec" = "Luismi Cavallé" = ""
s.homepage = ""
s.has_rdoc = true
s.extra_rdoc_files = %w(README.rdoc)
s.rdoc_options = %w(--main README.rdoc)
# Add any extra files to include in the gem
s.files = %w(init.rb MIT-LICENSE Rakefile README.rdoc) + Dir.glob("{spec,lib/**/*,generators/**/*}")
s.require_paths = ["lib"]
# If you want to depend on other gems, add them here, along with any
# relevant versions
# This task actually builds the gem. We also regenerate a static
# .gemspec file, which is useful if something (i.e. GitHub) will
# be automatically building a gem for this project. If you're not
# using GitHub, edit as appropriate.
# To publish your gem online, install the 'gemcutter' gem; Read more
# about that here: do |pkg|
pkg.gem_spec = spec
desc "Build the gemspec file #{}.gemspec"
task :gemspec do
file = File.dirname(__FILE__) + "/#{}.gemspec", "w") {|f| f << spec.to_ruby }
task :package => :gemspec
# Generate documentation do |rd|
rd.main = "README.rdoc"
rd.rdoc_files.include("README.rdoc", "lib/**/*.rb")
rd.rdoc_dir = "rdoc"
desc 'Clear out RDoc and generated packages'
task :clean => [:clobber_rdoc, :clobber_package] do
rm "#{}.gemspec"
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