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OcteonTX(CN83xx) network acclerator RM kernel module
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Pavan Nikhilesh
Pavan Nikhilesh pki: add mbox to modify and delete qos
Event RX adapter model requires to re-configure QPG table and other PKI
parameters on the fly, the new modify and delete mbox messages can be used
to add queue and delete eth queue to event queue mapping.

Signed-off-by: Pavan Nikhilesh <>
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OcteonTX Network Accelerator Resource Manager Kernel Drivers

These drivers support Cavium's T83 family of Network processor device.

This archive builds bunch of module, Out of which octeontx.ko module creates domain. A domain is collection of accelerator blocks. Octeontx.ko exposes sysfs so to reconfigure domain.

For more information Or If questions arise or an issue is identified related the released driver code, please email us on:

Building and Installing

Clone Octeontx-kmod repo:

$ git clone

Clone linux.git repo:

$ git clone git://
$ git checkout -b linux-v4.9 v4.9

Apply octeontx-kmod specific patches to kernel:

$ cd linux
$ git am ../octeontx-kmod/patches/4.9.x/*.patch

Copy octeontx config to linux :

$ cp ../octeontx-kmod/configs/config_octeontx .config

Build and Install the kernel on Octeontx(T83) target:

$ make menuconfig
$ make -j32
$ make modules_install -j12.

Reboot to latest installed kernel.

Build octeontx-kmod drv:

$ cd ../octeontx-kmod
$ make clean
$ make build

Install and configure octeontx driver:

$ ./

Note that `` will insert the module and configure
the resource manager.

RM driver

ONA driver is a Resource Manager aka Collecton of PF drivers. Its job is to configure resources for VF's and establish a communication link between PF <--> VF.


Source Description
octeontx_main.c ONA Resource manager
octeontx_mbox.c ONA mailbox used for pf <--> vf communication
rst_main.c ONA reset driver
fpapf_main.c ONA External mempool PF driver
ssopf_main.c ONA Event based Schedular PF driver
ssowpf_main.c ONA HWS PF driver
lbk_main.c ONA LBK PF driver
bgx.c ONA BGX PF driver
pki_main.c ONA PKI PF driver
pkopf_main.c ONA PKO PF driver
timpf_main.c ONA TIMER PF driver


Has octeontx kernel config.


Has patches for kernel and dpdk.

  1. Kernel specific patches are in patches/4.9.x directory.

Refer "Build and Install" to apply patches on linux 4.9 kernel.

Cavium PCI device snapshot:

$ ./usertools/ --status

Network devices using DPDK-compatible driver
0001:02:00.1 'Device a0dd' drv=vfio-pci unused=
0001:03:00.1 'Device a049' drv=vfio-pci unused=

Network devices using kernel driver
0000:01:10.0 'Device a026' if= drv=thunder-BGX unused=vfio-pci
0000:01:10.1 'Device a026' if= drv=thunder-BGX unused=vfio-pci
0001:01:00.0 'Device a01e' if= drv=thunder-nic unused=vfio-pci
0001:01:00.3 'Device a034' if= drv=thunder-nicvf unused=vfio-pci
0001:01:00.4 'Device a034' if= drv=thunder-nicvf unused=vfio-pci
0001:01:00.5 'Device a034' if= drv=thunder-nicvf unused=vfio-pci
0001:01:00.6 'Device a034' if= drv=thunder-nicvf unused=vfio-pci
0001:01:00.7 'Device a034' if= drv=thunder-nicvf unused=vfio-pci
0001:01:01.0 'Device a034' if= drv=thunder-nicvf unused=vfio-pci
0001:01:01.1 'Device a034' if= drv=thunder-nicvf unused=vfio-pci
0001:01:01.2 'Device a034' if= drv=thunder-nicvf unused=vfio-pci
0001:01:01.3 'Device a034' if= drv=thunder-nicvf unused=vfio-pci
0001:01:01.4 'Device a034' if= drv=thunder-nicvf unused=vfio-pci

Other Network devices
0001:01:00.1 'Device a034' unused=vfio-pci
0001:01:00.2 'Device a034' unused=vfio-pci
0001:02:00.2 'Device a0dd' unused=vfio-pci
0001:02:00.3 'Device a0dd' unused=vfio-pci
0001:02:00.4 'Device a0dd' unused=vfio-pci
0001:02:00.5 'Device a0dd' unused=vfio-pci
0001:02:00.6 'Device a0dd' unused=vfio-pci
0001:02:00.7 'Device a0dd' unused=vfio-pci
0001:02:01.0 'Device a0dd' unused=vfio-pci
0001:03:00.2 'Device a049' unused=vfio-pci
0001:03:00.3 'Device a049' unused=vfio-pci
0001:03:00.4 'Device a049' unused=vfio-pci
0001:03:00.5 'Device a049' unused=vfio-pci
0001:03:00.6 'Device a049' unused=vfio-pci
0001:03:00.7 'Device a049' unused=vfio-pci
0001:03:01.0 'Device a049' unused=vfio-pci

Crypto devices using DPDK-compatible driver


Crypto devices using kernel driver

Other Crypto devices
0000:04:00.0 'Device a040' unused=vfio-pci
0000:05:00.0 'Device a040' unused=vfio-pci

Eventdev devices using DPDK-compatible driver
0000:07:00.1 'Device a04b' drv=vfio-pci unused=
0000:07:00.2 'Device a04b' drv=vfio-pci unused=
0000:07:00.3 'Device a04b' drv=vfio-pci unused=
0000:07:00.4 'Device a04b' drv=vfio-pci unused=
0000:07:00.5 'Device a04b' drv=vfio-pci unused=
0000:07:00.6 'Device a04b' drv=vfio-pci unused=
0000:07:00.7 'Device a04b' drv=vfio-pci unused=
0000:07:01.0 'Device a04b' drv=vfio-pci unused=
0000:08:00.1 'Device a04d' drv=vfio-pci unused=
0000:08:00.2 'Device a04d' drv=vfio-pci unused=
0000:08:00.3 'Device a04d' drv=vfio-pci unused=
0000:08:00.4 'Device a04d' drv=vfio-pci unused=
0000:08:00.5 'Device a04d' drv=vfio-pci unused=
0000:08:00.6 'Device a04d' drv=vfio-pci unused=
0000:08:00.7 'Device a04d' drv=vfio-pci unused=
0000:08:01.0 'Device a04d' drv=vfio-pci unused=

Eventdev devices using kernel driver

Other Eventdev devices
0000:07:01.1 'Device a04b' unused=vfio-pci
0000:07:01.2 'Device a04b' unused=vfio-pci
0000:07:01.3 'Device a04b' unused=vfio-pci
0000:07:01.4 'Device a04b' unused=vfio-pci
0000:07:01.5 'Device a04b' unused=vfio-pci
0000:07:01.6 'Device a04b' unused=vfio-pci
0000:07:01.7 'Device a04b' unused=vfio-pci
0000:07:02.0 'Device a04b' unused=vfio-pci
0000:07:02.1 'Device a04b' unused=vfio-pci
0000:07:02.2 'Device a04b' unused=vfio-pci
0000:07:02.3 'Device a04b' unused=vfio-pci
0000:07:02.4 'Device a04b' unused=vfio-pci
0000:07:02.5 'Device a04b' unused=vfio-pci
0000:07:02.6 'Device a04b' unused=vfio-pci
0000:07:02.7 'Device a04b' unused=vfio-pci
0000:07:03.0 'Device a04b' unused=vfio-pci
0000:07:03.1 'Device a04b' unused=vfio-pci
0000:07:03.2 'Device a04b' unused=vfio-pci
0000:07:03.3 'Device a04b' unused=vfio-pci
0000:07:03.4 'Device a04b' unused=vfio-pci
0000:07:03.5 'Device a04b' unused=vfio-pci
0000:07:03.6 'Device a04b' unused=vfio-pci
0000:07:03.7 'Device a04b' unused=vfio-pci
0000:07:04.0 'Device a04b' unused=vfio-pci
0000:08:01.1 'Device a04d' unused=vfio-pci
0000:08:01.2 'Device a04d' unused=vfio-pci
0000:08:01.3 'Device a04d' unused=vfio-pci
0000:08:01.4 'Device a04d' unused=vfio-pci
0000:08:01.5 'Device a04d' unused=vfio-pci
0000:08:01.6 'Device a04d' unused=vfio-pci
0000:08:01.7 'Device a04d' unused=vfio-pci
0000:08:02.0 'Device a04d' unused=vfio-pci
0000:08:02.1 'Device a04d' unused=vfio-pci
0000:08:02.2 'Device a04d' unused=vfio-pci
0000:08:02.3 'Device a04d' unused=vfio-pci
0000:08:02.4 'Device a04d' unused=vfio-pci
0000:08:02.5 'Device a04d' unused=vfio-pci
0000:08:02.6 'Device a04d' unused=vfio-pci
0000:08:02.7 'Device a04d' unused=vfio-pci
0000:08:03.0 'Device a04d' unused=vfio-pci

Mempool devices using DPDK-compatible driver
0000:09:00.3 'Device a053' drv=vfio-pci unused=

Mempool devices using kernel driver
0000:09:00.1 'Device a053' if= drv=octeontx-fpavf unused=vfio-pci
0000:09:00.2 'Device a053' if= drv=octeontx-fpavf unused=vfio-pci
0000:09:00.4 'Device a053' if= drv=octeontx-fpavf unused=vfio-pci
0000:09:00.5 'Device a053' if= drv=octeontx-fpavf unused=vfio-pci
0000:09:00.6 'Device a053' if= drv=octeontx-fpavf unused=vfio-pci
0000:09:00.7 'Device a053' if= drv=octeontx-fpavf unused=vfio-pci
0000:09:01.0 'Device a053' if= drv=octeontx-fpavf unused=vfio-pci
0000:09:01.1 'Device a053' if= drv=octeontx-fpavf unused=vfio-pci
0000:09:01.2 'Device a053' if= drv=octeontx-fpavf unused=vfio-pci
0000:09:01.3 'Device a053' if= drv=octeontx-fpavf unused=vfio-pci
0000:09:01.4 'Device a053' if= drv=octeontx-fpavf unused=vfio-pci
0000:09:01.5 'Device a053' if= drv=octeontx-fpavf unused=vfio-pci
0000:09:01.6 'Device a053' if= drv=octeontx-fpavf unused=vfio-pci
0000:09:01.7 'Device a053' if= drv=octeontx-fpavf unused=vfio-pci
0000:09:02.0 'Device a053' if= drv=octeontx-fpavf unused=vfio-pci

Other Mempool devices

Binding Cavium PCI devices to DPDK:

  1. Binding 6 queues and 6 ports:

Note that queues are SSOGRP_vf and ports SSOW_VF. SSOGRP_vf BDF starts from 0000:07:00.1 and SSOW_vf starts from 0000:08:00.1.

So in ordert to bind 6 queues(aka SSOGRP_vf) and 6 ports (aka SSOW_vf), Use below command:

$ ./usertools/ -b vfio-pci 0000:08:00.1 0000:08:00.2
	0000:08:00.3 0000:08:00.4 0000:08:00.5 0000:08:00.6
	0000:07:00.1 0000:07:00.2 0000:07:00.3 0000:07:00.4
	0000:07:00.5 0000:07:00.6
  1. For single port pktio setup, bind following resources:

Note that the following resource are bind to userspace in below order

* fpa_vf (bdf start at 0000:09:00.3)
* ssow_vf (bdf start at 0000:08:00.1)
* ssogrp_vf (bdf start at 0000:07:00.1)
* pko_vf (bdf start at 0001:03:00.1)
* pki_vf (bdf start at 0001:02:00.1)

Use below command:

$ ./usertools/ -b vfio-pci 0000:09:00.3 0000:08:00.1
	0000:08:00.2 0000:08:00.3 0000:08:00.4  0000:08:00.5
	0000:08:00.6  0000:08:00.7 0000:08:01.0  0000:07:00.1
	0000:07:00.2 0000:07:00.3 0000:07:00.4 0000:07:00.5
	0000:07:00.6  0000:07:00.7  0000:07:01.0 0001:03:00.1

dpdk sample network applications commands

sudo ./build/app/testpmd -c 700 --base-virtaddr=0x100000000000 --mbuf-pool-ops="octeontx_fpavf" --vdev='event_octeontx' --vdev='eth_octeontx,nr_port=1' -- --rxq=1 --txq=1 --nb-cores=1 --total-num-mbufs=16384 --port-topology=chained --disable-hw-vlan-filter

sudo ./build/app/testpmd -c 700 --base-virtaddr=0x100000000000 --mbuf-pool-ops="octeontx_fpavf" --vdev='event_octeontx' --vdev='eth_octeontx,nr_port=2' -- --rxq=1 --txq=1 --nb-cores=2 --total-num-mbufs=16384 --disable-hw-vlan-filter

l2fwd command: sudo ./examples/l2fwd/build/app/l2fwd -l 8-11 --base-virtaddr=0x100000000000 --mbuf-pool-ops="octeontx_fpavf" --vdev='event_octeontx' --vdev='eth_octeontx,nr_port=1' -- -p 0x1 -q 1 sudo ./examples/l2fwd/build/app/l2fwd -l 8-11 --base-virtaddr=0x100000000000 --mbuf-pool-ops="octeontx_fpavf" --vdev='event_octeontx' --vdev='eth_octeontx,nr_port=2' -- -p 0x3 -q 1

l3fwd command: sudo ./examples/l3fwd/build/l3fwd -c F00 --base-virtaddr=0x100000000000 --vdev='event_octeontx' --vdev='eth_octeontx,nr_port=1' --mbuf-pool-ops="octeontx_fpavf" -- -p 0x1 --config="(0,0,8)" -P

sudo ./examples/l3fwd/build/l3fwd -c F00 --base-virtaddr=0x100000000000 --vdev='event_octeontx' --vdev='eth_octeontx,nr_port=2' --mbuf-pool-ops="octeontx_fpavf" -- -p 0x3 --config="(0,0,8),(1,0,9)" -P

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