Very fast way to remove every files in a folder (subfolders included)
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Kill folders

When you need to kill a full folder structure by using a FTP client you know that it's slow, really slow and by slow, I mean awfully slow.

The kill_folder.php script is the one I use when I need to work on an hacked site and when my client allow me to, f.i., kill an old website.


This script is dangerous

This script is REALLY dangerous

Use it under your own responsability. The aim of the script is to kill files and folders i.e. not to take an archive, move files to another location, ... just kill them.

Table of Contents


Just copy the kill_folder.php script in the folder you want to remove. So, if you want to kill the /www_root/old_site folder (and subfolders), use your FTP client and put kill_folder.php into the old_site root.

.htaccess and index.html / security

To ensure the security of the folder where you put kill_folder.php, if that folder contains a .htaccess (for security reasons) or a index.html (to prevent to browse the folder's content), these files will remains. So, running kill_folder.php will kill everything except these two files.


Start a browser and run the file i.e go to f.i. http://your_old_site/kill_folder.php.

Click on the Clean button, wait a few seconds and when it's done, click on the Kill this script button so the kill_file.php script will be removed from your website.

To be clear enough: this script only remove files. If your website used a database like any CMS, the database stay untouch.