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On every Windows startup use a new background image directly downloaded from Unsplash
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On every Windows startup use a new background image directly downloaded from Unsplash

Table of Contents


The idea behind this script at least as old as Windows 95 : pick a new, random, image for your Windows desktop background.

Put the small wallpaper.bat script that you'll find in this repo in your Windows Startup folder (i.e. %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup) and that's it.

On every start of Windows, the script will be called, a random image will be downloaded from, saved on your hard disk then be used as wallpaper.


This script fully delegates most of the job to another script : unsplash-wallpaper of Jonathan Cuthbert.

So, please first install :

  1. NPM
  2. Then, on the command prompt, install unsplash-wallpaper by just running npm i -g unsplash-wallpaper on the Windows command prompt (the famous cmd.exe)
  3. Then, take a copy of this script and save it into your %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup folder.

The biggest job is to install NPM ;-) You can do this by going to, download the Windows binary file (take the 64 bits version if you've Windows 64 bits). Once installed, you can check that NPM is correctly installed by just running npm -v on the Windows command prompt. If you can see the NPM version, it's done.


Nothing to do. By putting the wallpaper.bat script in the Windows's Startup folder, the script will be fired automatically.


PRs not accepted.



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