Convert Excel worksheets to csv files in batch
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Excel - Export worksheets to csv files

Convert Excel worksheets to csv files in batch

This script will process each .xlsx file located in a specific folder (f.i. c:\temp\input), start MS Excel, open each file in Excel and save each visible worksheets as a .csv file in a second folder (like f.i. c:\temp\output).


  • The original file will remains unchanged
  • Only visible worksheets will be saved as .csv

Table of Contents


Get a raw copy of xls2csv.vbs and save it onto your disk.

If you want, get also a copy of xls2csv.cmd and save it in the same folder.


With the xls2csv.vbs only

  1. Start a DOS prompt
  2. Go to the folder where you've saved the xls2csv.vbs script
  3. Call cscript xls2csv.vbs and specify the folder where you've your .xlsx files and where you want to save the generated .csv files like, f.i., cscript xls2csv.vbs c:\temp\input c:\temp\output

With the xls2csv.cmd

  1. Edit the xls2csv.cmd file in Notepad
  2. Modify the path to xls2csv.cmdthe input and output folders
  3. Save the file
  4. From now, just double-click on the xls2csv.cmd to execute it.