Minimal Javascripting environment for testing the API from a console
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In one sentence: Minimal JavaScripting environment for when you just want to mess around in the console.

Don't believe me? Check out the live demo at

What it does

JS Envy allows you to load any JavaScript libraries from CDNJS that you want to expiriment with. If you want to load a library from another location you can also enter the full URL to a hosted copy of the library.

What it doesn't do

There is no dependency detection so remember to add these yourselves. Yes it's annoying, but it's much less annoying than actually implementing it.

What I would like it to do

  • Autoload dependencies for libraries from CDNJS
  • In-page console
  • API documentation integration
  • Solve world hunger

How it does it

The CDNJS library is loaded along with the page so you can query it quickly. When a library is selected, (or a custom URL is entered), JS Envy adds the new script to the page and drops the visual cue for you once it has successfully loaded.

Technologies used

  • Bootstrap - for the fresh looking interface

And that's it. I didn't want to use any other JavaScript libraries to avoid conflicts so I've also avoided adding anything of mine to the global scope.