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Slony replication system for Postgresql
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RELEASE Bug #349 - case insensitivity with cluster name when processing DDL
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aclocal.m4 Remove netsnmp from autoconf Bug #352 - PostgreSQL "head" issues
config_msvc.h preparing for 2.2.0 release - updating version numbers Changing version number of master to 2.3.0 The tutorial in the documentation has this snippet:



Slony-I is a "master to multiple slaves" replication system with
cascading and failover.

The big picture for the development of Slony-I is a master-slave
system that includes all features and capabilities needed to replicate
large databases to a reasonably limited number of slave systems.

Slony-I is a system for data centers and backup sites, where the
normal mode of operation is that all nodes are available, and where
systems may be expected to be managed in a reasonably disciplined

1.  Build and install

    See the INSTALL file nearby

2.  Creating a sample database with application

    See the SAMPLE file nearby

    There is also a "test" directory in the source tree which contains
    a variety of regression tests.  Looking at how they work may also
    be helpful.

3.  Help!  I ran into a problem.

    The file in the documentation area named "helpitsbroken.txt"
    contains a variety of notes describing problems that people have
    run into in setting up Slony-I instances.  This has been extended
    into a full scale FAQ.

    It may be worth checking there to see if the problem you are
    having has already been documented and diagnosed by someone else.

    There is an extensive "administrative guide" in the documentation
    tree that includes manual pages for binaries and for the Slonik
    language, as well as overviews of various aspects of how Slony-I
    works and should be used, including a "Best Practices" document
    that distills some of the hard-learned lessons and a FAQ.

    This "admin guide" may be found online at:

You may also wish to contact the Slony-I mailing list, findable at
<>. or take a peek at who might be available to chat
on the IRC channel #slony on

-- Slony-I team
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